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The Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

Professional Toastmasters feature at many special events, not just at weddings but also compeering Gala Award Ceremonies and many other banqueting functions as ‘Masters of Ceremonies’.

Their expertise and knowledge in this field is immense and their caring approach makes them the ideal presenter for all occasions.

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Compere
  • Presenter
  • Management & Event Specialist
  • Special Occasion Co-coordinator
  • Announcer
  • Group Organisation Controller
  • Expert at Protocol, Procedure and Etiquette
  • Your event will be ‘safe in our hands’


Whether it be an important reception, a dinner or banquet, a wedding reception, a private or civic function, a Toastmaster’s skills are ideally suited for the event, even where Royalty are present: so many occasions nowadays demand the correct approach.

That correct protocol will include the introduction of your guests, and/or the announcements of speakers and events. The occasion needs someone who is trained to conduct the formalities of the event and who will do so with quiet authority, dignity and style, lifting the pressure from the hands of the already busy host.

Whatever the formal occasion and wherever it is to be, it will progress more smoothly with the help of the Toastmaster. You will find them the ideal person for your special occasion. He/she is a person of presence who can turn a ‘good’ event into a ‘great’ occasion, smoothly organized and superbly presented

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